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An Honest Appraisal

The New York Times used two thousand words to prove both Romney and Obama keep truth on a long leash. They also say that media fact checkers just seem to hope truth will come when called, so we can’t believe anything. Elections are lotteries — the candidate who spends the most on tickets is most […]

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Voting Should Be Easier

Commentators accuse people of ignoring 800 pound gorillas — problems they’re afraid to face. In this election, experts fear corporate money, while voters worry about who’s on the ballot. They’re both wrong. Money buys TV ads that mislead or lie about the people running for office, but a candidate’s character or beliefs no longer matter […]

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Batting a No Hitter

If Obama wants another term, he should use the rest of this one. Instead of searching for something congress might approve, he could recommend what the country needs. He’s running against a do-nothing House of Representatives, but they didn’t refuse him very much — he whittled most of his proposals down to the point of […]

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