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The Great Wall of Congress

The Senate passed the House version of a bill to protect about a third of our southern border. Mexico and Democrats are mad. Bush is sad. But they should all relax. It’s not likely to be built. Forget about the merits, or if a wall will work at all, they haven’t voted any money, and […]

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Congress redefines U. S. justice: innocent until suspected.

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New York Considers Seat Belt Law for Food

Some businesses oppose New York City limiting the amount of trans fats in food, though it would be healthier. The same folks thought the extra cost of seat belts, was a fair price for individuals to pay for being a little safer. But forcing restaurants to reduce the level of poison in their food tramples […]

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Campaign Planning Committee

Bush, Musharraf and Karzai will break bread this evening to demonstrate our President’s dedication to the war on terror, and we all agree that is his strength ― though some think he’s more causer than fighter. The dinner will also distract us from Iraq, and help GOP prospects in November, if he can get them […]

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The senators and Bush agree: He can’t torture unless he wants to. No kangaroo courts. Bush must hold trials, but he can edit evidence.

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Bush Discovers Pay-As-You-Go

The administration found a way to finance increased airport security. They’re harassing air traffic controllers by enforcing a dress code, reducing rest periods, cancelling holiday pay and vacations until they quit. Some will be replaced with new hires at lower pay. There’s apparently no risk to travelers because security rules encourage more and more of […]

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A Glimmer of Hope

The President told people in the Middle East we do not hold them responsible for their governments’ actions. If they will do the same for us, there may be a chance for peace.

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Bush Needs New Rules Desperately

The Geneva Conventions didn’t cause confusion until Bush told interrogators to break the law, and the Supreme Court objected. He claims his way worked, but offers no proof. All we have is prisoners who can’t be convicted unless Congress changes the rules. The President says he wants clarification so he can continue to protect us. […]

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Faith Based Election

We have a leader that lies and then denies wants to torture prisoners and use evidence kept secret from the defense Now we’re voting on devices equipped with vices a kid can override to turn a political sinner into an dubious winner We’re supposed to believe corporations did achieve a perfect product just this once […]

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Guess Who’s Kidding Who

Our representatives agree to make FEMA stronger. They increase budgets, tell the agency head he is free to call the president directly when he needs to. It all sounds good, especially just before the mid-term election. Unfortunately they didn’t fund the spending, and the director still reports to Chertoff, who may feel differently about being […]

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Another Faulty War Plan

Bush says victory in the war on terror requires legalized torture and kangaroo courts. That sounds more like joining than winning.

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Déjà Vu

UN inspectors call a House report “outrageous and dishonest,â€? because it overstates Iran’s nuclear capability. Peter Hoekstra, intelligence committee chairman, released it “to help increase the American public’s understanding of Iran as a threat.” The full committee never discussed or voted, so it must be considered urgent ― or indefensible. Republicans seem busy contriving facts […]

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Chertoff Stumbles on the Truth

Chertoff says we can’t protect everything, and Democrats object. They miss the point. The Secretary is poking holes in Republican armor, undermining the current line of Bushit: Democrats are weak, so you should vote for the invincible protectors. Mike says they’re sort-of-vincible, a nuance President Bush won’t grasp, but Democrats could exploit.

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Bush carried hyperbole to a new high, and his effort to link Iraq to terrorism to a new low last night. He said if we pull out of Iraq the terrorists won’t leave us alone, “they will follow us. The safety of America depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad.â€? […]

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Illinois Has Standards

Governor Ryan is only the most recent head of the State of Illinois to be charged with a crime. There have been several so Illinoisans understand politicians, can draw fine distinctions between them. In a recent poll Bush had a 32% approval and 69% disapproval. In the same survey Ryan had 35% approval, 56% disapproval. […]

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Bush delivered a speech today worthy of Colin Powell at the UN ― scary specifics, surrounded by weasel words ― to be accepted on faith. The difference is Powell could be proven wrong by events. Any deceit in Bush’s tortured tirade will be cloaked in national security. He admitted acting as a tyrant, and now […]

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Dr. McClellan fit the Bush mold, why quit?

The man who managed the introduction of the Medicare drug program is quitting. Maybe he dreaded election complaints, or making more cuts in payments to doctors. The administration must have been happy. A critic said, “He was always on message. He said the new program was running fine when the roof was caving in.â€? Bush […]

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New Study Suggests Terror Charges Decline

Bush says terrorism presents a major threat requiring thousands of warrantless wiretaps, secret searches of financial records, and heightened alerts, especially near elections. In spite of all that effort, the Justice Department prosecutes fewer suspected terrorists each year, and convicts less than half of those. They say the tabulations are full of errors, and they’re […]

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Hidden Message

Bush talked us into war, now wants perpetuation. A much harder sell.

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A More Practical Tactical Ploy

Republicans want to keep security atop the agenda with a series of empty, embarrassing resolutions that force Democrats to take painful positions. Rather than waste time on equally foolish votes, like “no confidence in Rumsfeld,â€? Democrats should save “preciousâ€? time by blocking anything but real legislation. Instead of trying to keep a 9/11 resolution “pure,â€? […]

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